Each client has different design needs, depending on the space, that require a customized approach that articulates their aesthetic. Within that approach, the following services are provided individually or collectively to best address the design goals of the project:

  • Decorating your Space: $95/hr

    •  Overall Design Plan: Using mood boards and inspiration to tell the story of your space
Michael Raun Home: Inspired Interior Decoration

Rendering Example


Mood Board Example

    •  Configuration and Layout:  Space is laid out based on the function and feel articulated by the client

Congiuration Example

    • Sourcing furnishings and décor:  Finding the best pieces that fit within your budget
    • Installation:  Creating a beautiful space with the furnishings and décor purchased
  • Styling: $95/hr

    • Using the client’s existing furnishings and décor, along with some added new pieces to redefine the look and feel of your space

Michael Raun Home Interior Design

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