Behind the Design

“What’s your design identity?”

Finding the right design is like creating the right outfit; All the elements have to be in alignment for it to have major impact. And you have to try on a lot of them before you find the right look and fit. But when you do, you know it’s right for you. Check out this video below on the evolution of a room I designed that’s part of a  video series I created aptly titled “Diary of the Room: Harlem bedroom Makeover”

“Step back into the closet and come out again – With a new office that is…”

Urban living can be a challenge especially for those of us who share an apartment with a significant other. Carving out additional space where there is no more real estate can prove daunting if we think of expanding laterally. However, what if you think of your vertical spaces as areas of creating supplemental storage? In this video below, a self-employed Williamsburg, Brooklyn couple commissioned me to create a secondary work station in their living room/ office space. The result was amazing!!! Check it out below…

“What happens when a vintage, charming interior meets the urban landscape of the New York skyline?”

When you move into an apartment on the 13th floor in the Clock Tower building in downtown Brooklyn, you have to masterfully infuse the vastness of the exterior views with the interior character in a way that allows the two to harmonize in a beautiful way. When this urban lifestyle family requested I create a cohesive look for their new apartment, we knew we had to be minimal in a way that allowed the interior character to shine through while complementing the beautiful views of NYC exterior. And the final design speaks for itself in a way that retains the charm and vintage feel of the clients’ furnishings while bringing an urban, modern twist with crisp white walls and dark wood floors. See for yourself in the next video:

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