the process

So you’re thinking about moving forward on getting your space decorated and want to know the process of getting things started.

The following will help in defining that process –

  1. Introductory call: Understanding the lifestyle and design needs of the client
  2. In-person consult: Initial meeting, walking through the space and assessing the design needs
  3. Proposal: Submission proposal defining the scope of the project and design fees
  4. Contract Execution: Both parties agree to the terms of the contract and the design begins
  5. Timeline: Defining a timeline for beginning and ending the project
  6. Purchase List: Defining all the purchases and allocating a dollar amount to each item based on the overall budget
  7. Design Plan: Defining an overall color scheme, design and layout for the entire space
  8. Source Items: Researching retailers to find the best furnishings and décor relative to the defined budget
  9. Installation: On-site placement of furnishings and décor


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