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Life can sometimes be consumed by negative energy usually derived from some suffering – Stress and attachment to name a few. People in our lives, the physical environments we live in and our metal state of being can affect how we perceive the world; of how it was, how it is and how it will be. As humans, we are receptive to that energy around us and should be aware of how it affects our way of being. It is for that reason that I am a firm believer in continually harnessing and recycling all the positive energy life has to give.

It is within our individual and collective reach to shape the world we want to exist in, and it usually begins by first being engaged in our own lives- our personal, physical space. If home is where the heart is, then it has to be a place that exudes love for you.

For me, home has been and is a sanctuary; a refuge where I can escape all the externalities of the outside world to find alignment with myself. It is the singular place that most reflects the essence of who I am. That’s why I find it so important to invest the time and work to create a space that continually feeds my spirit. Resetting my space reinvigorates and renews the energy of my home, and in turn gives the positive reinforcement I need to excel and succeed.

How do you know that your space is in desperate need of a reset? Well, when you begin to feel stagnant, unhappy or uninspired in your space, it’s time to make a change. Many times, your internal emotional wellbeing will manifest itself in your physical space – A cluttered home is a cluttered mind.

Change begins by reevaluating who you are at this point and how you can translate your happiness into your home. Who you were at a different point in time, is not who you are at this point in your life. That means that you need to be cognoscente of shifts in your being and aware of what brings you happiness and unhappiness. In the grand scheme of things, defining your space to mirror who you really are, when you are aligned with your true self, is essential to living your best life.

Resetting can be an easy process of taking inventory of your emotional receptiveness to the things you have in your life and defining a new perception of how you want them to be presented collectively to best reaffirm the joy of living.

Tip: Change Wall Color to best showcase furnishings

Things have a way of taking on a different life when you contextualize them to a cohesive color story.  Wall colors like blues and grays work well with wood tones and as the perfect backdrop to vibrant colors.

If you find that you have an eclectic mix of colorful furnishings, painting the walls a stark white is an awesome way of showcasing your pieces and allowing them to build a narrative. Much like a gallery effect, white walls allow the pieces to be the star.

Tip 2: Change accessories seasonally

Changing out accessories is also an effective way of translating the season throughout your space. It is also a great way of rotating many your favorite items, allowing each to shine on its own for a period of time without having too many pieces grouped together. In addition,  using flowers and plants  is a  great way of finishing a space by adding color and greenery.

Tip 3: Reconfigure your space

Other than changing your wall color and accessorizing, reconfiguring your layout is an effective way of resetting your space. Feel your way through the process by being reactive to your visceral response to placement. Also allow yourself to be free enough to play with new and interesting configurations. The payoff to thinking outside the box can be huge when you open yourself to entertaining new ways of placement. A new space plan creates a new perception, giving a room a new dynamic energy – a source of positive energy that will inspire you in every facet of your life.

Find your voice, within a life designed, one room at a time!